Why Skills?

Contrary to what you may think, the employable skills you acquire in college might be more important than your major (Hart Research Associates, 2015). These skills will help you succeed in any career you pursue, regardless of whether or not the job seems directly relevant to your major. So, you should be thinking about the skills you are developing along with what classes you are taking. Having a strong skills can be as important as having a good GPA. What employable skills do you have? How strong are they? This can be difficult to answer as we are poor at recognizing what skills we have (Martini, Judges, & Belicki, 2015) or how they compare to others. Unfortunately, this may keep you from marketing or promoting your skills as you apply for jobs or admission to professional or graduate school programs.

The Employable Skills Self-Efficacy Survey (ESSES) allows you to assess your perceived mastery of a variety of skills that employers value. It will help you determine which skills you have already mastered and should have on your resume and which ones you could still develop before you graduate. Along with a score for each skill, you will also see some advice about how to strength each skill.

If you would like to take this survey, click here.

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